Hey!  You on phone?
Alr, Take it easy. B)

Hey im just saying. If you not on a phone or a tablet, your experience will be horse shit. Make sure you're on your devices version of the web page for shit to load properly and look lots less janky, alr? good.
I'm on computer!!! I AM!!! I AM PLEASE BRING ME HOME I BEG YOU!!!!


Hello peoples of the interwebs. This website is a nice lil about me page, albeit with longer word caps, style and punctuation errors. Feel free to click on the links above and bask in the glory that is Alrighty, enjoy.

About Me



I'm a silly lil idiot on the internet who dabbles in games and virtual reality. I have autism and have always had a love for games, digital art, web design and video making.
Not that you'd find me doing any of that however, for I possess that of the same skill set of a peeled cucumber, and easily get angry at stuff I don't understand. For the sake of the internet being the internet, I'm not gonna delve too personal. Age, Real Name and Friends. But this website will (hopefully) allow you to fully grasp who I am and what I do online. There's a funny lil card below this text that should allow you to know my pronouns, my gender, my online alias (if it wasn't obvious) and more. 



Warm Soup
Video games
Hot Chocolates

I am the cat in the picture,
thank you for asking.
I also go by many other aliases
such as:

Certified Human

That's pretty much it.

also hi mom :D

What To Expect From Me

nothing pls

i am lil gremlin who does NOT like responsibility. All I do is post stupid images.

oh yeah before u go

The images of all time. Preserved in this online time capsule that will forever until this websites deletion hold memes. And once everything is destroyed, along with it comes the memes.